Our Story - The Journey to Authentically Me!

We all have different seasons in our life. Some seasons are good and some are bad but one thing is for sure, SEASONS CHANGE! The key is to realize what season you’re in and embrace it or pivot. 

My season changed one day while working at a job I had been at for years. I found myself frustrated because I took on many roles that left me over-worked, under-appreciated and underpaid. I was unhappy and my attitude and disposition had changed. I realized the position I held no longer fit my life goals.

I had stayed at the job longer than expected because I was chasing a “title” for a position I never wanted in the first place! I let others convince me it was just the next logical career step…except for when you don’t have a passion for it! I realized I had been wearing a mask to try to “fit” in to be the model person the company was looking for to get the title. It wasn’t me!!

This epiphany sent me on a self-discovery journey to reclaim my dreams and be authentically me. It took some real soul searching and “in your face truths” for EVERY part of my life…it wasn’t easy and still isn’t some days. True-life authenticity is an on-going process.

I understand that not being true to yourself doesn’t only kill your personality but it will also kill your most treasured dreams!

I didn’t want that! I never wanted to live life riding on a lifeboat and seeing my cruise ship in front of me going in the opposite direction!


Sometimes we get so caught up in just existing that we forget to LIVE!

I had to push aside my fear of the unknown, step out on faith and take a chance on me! After diligently working hard every day to make my employer’s dreams come true, it is now my season!

Please don’t misunderstand, freedom has its price but peace of mind is a great currency!

I found meaning in what I'm doing!
I found value for myself!
I found life and I FOUND ME!

This is why I was able to build this brand- Authentically Me No Mask!

A brand that will celebrate the beauty of everyone's authenticity.
A brand that symbolizes self-love and acceptance!
A brand that supports that being true to yourself will lead to your true success!
And an iconic brand that would help you build self-confidence, respect and redemption!

Now is the time for us to celebrate together the beauty of our uniqueness and the rich diversity of our individual authenticity.
Stand true to who you really are!  Never abandon your true identity and your dream!

Stand true to who you really are!  Live up your life by doing what you love the most.   As the quote goes, “There is no one else to help you, but yourself.”

Yes it's true. But it is much better if you have someone who will always ready to remind you that you're perfectly imperfect and that is beauty. May it be your family, best friends or special love ones, but it can also be this brand --- Authentically Me No Mask! 

 Join the Authentic Revolution. Wear Your Authenticity.

P. Michelle